Council of Voluntary welfare work

Organised in 1939 by Religious and Philanthropic Bodies in connect with
His Majesty's Armed Forces

Registered Charity No. 251809

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Who we are:

The Council of Voluntary Welfare Work (CVWW) exists as an association of charitable organisations providing welfare services to the Armed Forces.   Membership of CVWW does not impair the independence, initiatives and methods of work for any of the independent charities but does provide a link between the voluntary organisations and the Service Authorities, with whom there is a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). 

Defence Memorandum of Understanding

In 1951, the CVWW was granted a charter giving statutory support for its work with the Armed Forces.  This was replaced in 2023 with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) sponsored on behalf of all three Services by the Director of Personnel (Army). 

The MoU recognises the invaluable welfare work provided by religious and philanthropic voluntary organisations and permits some trading to take place in ‘centres’ on MoD premises to help sustain the work where voluntary contributions alone would be insufficient.  The MoU lays down the basis for establishing ‘centres’ and specifies parameters for operating to avoid overlap and conflict with Catering, Retail and Leisure (CRL) contractors.  Provision of support facilities, including accommodation, rent and rates are covered along arrangements for local liaison and integration into the Service community on the UK mainland and overseas garrisons. 

Welfare Services

Pastoral Workers
Assistance to Chaplaincy - Scripture Readers
Clubs and Canteens
Coffee Shops and Lounges
Families Support Work
Spiritual and Moral Support


CVWW – a short history

The provision of welfare amenities for members of H.M. Forces goes back to the days of the Crimean War (1853-1856) when public concern was shown

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CVWW Donations

The Council of Voluntary Welfare Work (CVWW) is a non profit charity and exists as an association of charitable organisations providing welfare services to the

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